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 Marketing journeys have many different beginnings. Mine has come about in recent years as a way to catch up for many years of giving. Those years of giving are not something I begrudge, but now it has become time to play “catch up.”

I grew up on a farm near a small town in Southern Illinois. (One of the marks of being from southern Illinois is that we capitalize the ”s” in Southern.) Over 30 years ago, two of the most significant events in my life occurred: I met my wife, and I entered into the ministry.

The journey in ministry has been quite rewarding, and has allowed us to have opportunities of which we never dreamed. We have been to Australia, Mexico, and Japan as part of the ministry journey.

We have met a lot of wonderfual people and have had the opportunity to pioneer several ministries, such as starting Christian Schools, starting churches, starting a Bible Institute and Christian college ministries.

While rewarding, many times those startups did not pay well financially; however, we always had what we needed, and we were able to help all four of our children attend college.

In recent years, the Lord has given me liberty to work/minister in such a way as to be highly compensated for what I do. (Someone pointed out to me that I had many things of value to offer to others, and that, after all I do have a doctor’s degree (D.Min.)) This increased compensation will make up for the savings that we were not able to do for many of those early years.

This is where the marketing journey comes in.

One of the ways of being compensated for the skills developed over many years of ministry is to begin a career in public speaking. What I have discovered about this is that a speaker should “always be marketing.”

I also have written a book, and while the income from the sales of the book is good, the main income comes from other sources (such as the speaking engagements that come about because of the book.) So, the book needs to be marketed as well as the speaking ministry. I also am getting into speaking in the college market.

One of the things that a traditional publisher looks for when considering publishing an author’s book in today’s industry is whether or not the author has a “platform.” The internet has provided part of that platform for many authors.

So, the ministry journey, the speaking and writing journey, and the internet marketing journey all meet to form the marketing journey in my life.

Article marketing, which we will talk quite a bit about on this website, is very useful for promoting the sales of ebooks (and even printed books), but it is also useful for another stream of income–affiliate marketing.

What will your marketing journey be like? You will decide that, but one thing is sure: successful internet marketing follows basic principles that have been shown to be tried and true by many who have gone on the journey before us.

We want to get all the information we can, and we want to learn from the best.

It has been my great pleasure to see that many in the marketing world emphasize the fact that we want to make money, but they also emphasize that we want to do it in a moral and ethical way that provides real value to those to whom we market!

One of the best things that has happened to me on my marketing journey is to develop an association with wealthyaffiliate.com. You will hear me mention that site quite often, simply because it has been so helpful to me.

I wish you the best as we both continue on our marketing journey!

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