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Marketing Your Book – Wendy Keller

Wendy Keller is a great literary agent who gives ideas for publishing and marketing your book through public speaking. She really wants to help people reach traditional publishers through good literary agents. This site, up to this point, has focused upon internet marketing of digital products; however, many entrepreneurs also use the internet to market [...]

Wealthy Affiliate – New Look

Well, you could probably say this every three or four months. That is not a slam to Wealthy Affiliate. Actually it is a compliment. The reason why they have a new look periodically is because they constantly update their website and their services. One advantage of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate if you are [...]

Internet Marketing – Marketing Research That Really Pays Off

“Congratulations! You have made a sale.” Those are words you want to hear when you are involved in any type of business that involves products or sales of services.You can start your online business with internet marketing. Marketing research applied to the internet will pay great dividends on your behalf. Recently we considered Online Marketing: [...]

Online Marketing: Why Should You Do Affiliate Marketing on the Internet

Online Marketing: Why You Should Do Affiliate Marketing on the Internet And Four Great Tips on How to Get Started Have you ever wanted to get involved with online marketing? There are several opportunites for making money online. You can sell products on ebay. You can create your own digital products and sell them. However, [...]

Top Affiliate Product – 5 Tips for Picking the Best Affiliate Product for You

What will be your top affiliate product? That question assumes that you have decided to get involved in one of the best part-time opportunities on the planet–Affiliate Marketing. We even talked in an earlier post about ”Unemployment: A Great Opportunity.” We’ll talk here today a little about how to find the right affiliate product to promote. Affiliate marketing [...]

Unemployment: A Great Opportunity

I just read that in September the unemployment rate for the whole U.S. was 9.2 percent. That means nearly one out of every ten Americans is not working To get the unemployment benefits, you are allowed to work some, but you are not allowed to make over a certain amount each week. While your time is probably spent [...]

Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

I guess we would all be concerned with easy ways to make money fast on our website or blog. One of the ways to do this is to set up your own website or blog. When you have your own website, you get to follow your own rules. Some article directories make it difficult to [...]

How to Set Up an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are some of the best partnership programs in business today. They don’t not have the pitfalls of traditional partnerships because each member (the merchant or the affiliate) owns his or her own business. They join together to make each other successful, but they are not bound to continue the relationship. It is just [...]

Make Money with WordPress

Making Money with Word Press Is a Great Opportunity Having a website is one of the best things you can invest in if you are serious about internet marketing. It is possible to make money online through direct linking if you are an affiliate. (Direct linking means that you put a link in your article [...]

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