Marketing Your Book – Wendy Keller

Wendy Keller is a great literary agent who gives ideas for publishing and marketing your book through public speaking. She really wants to help people reach traditional publishers through good literary agents.

This site, up to this point, has focused upon internet marketing of digital products; however, many entrepreneurs also use the internet to market their physical products, such as books, CDs, etc.

Here is a copy of a book that I have written, and I make it available for people to invest in at my speaking events.

The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss

I just read an article of hers called “How to Write a Compelling Query Letter”

If you are interested in getting a book published through a traditional publisher, this article has some great information: In particular, she gives you advice on how to start your query letter when you are trying to secure an agent who will represent you to a traditional publisher: who your market is and the size of the market are very important. Also, she suggests letting publishers know about your existing platform. That sugestion makes much of the information on this website relevant to preparing to be able to write a good query letter.

When I first got into writing and speaking, I found much of her material to be extremely valuable.

If this is the type of marketing you are interested in, I would encourage you to go check out her website at

Wealthy Affiliate – New Look

Well, you could probably say this every three or four months. That is not a slam to Wealthy Affiliate. Actually it is a compliment.

The reason why they have a new look periodically is because they constantly update their website and their services.

One advantage of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate if you are on a marketing journey is that they provide web hosting as part of the membership. If you decide to make many new websites, as many marketers do, this can more than pay for itself within a short period of time.

They give you tips on writing articles if that is the direction you want to go with their marketing.

They also have started a great article directory called Street Articles (.com). If you are into getting articles published on the internet (as most of us should be), go check it out by going to this link, and clicking around until you come to the info about Street Articles.

So, if it has been a while since you considered a Wealthy Affiliate membership, go take another look here.

Internet Marketing – Marketing Research That Really Pays Off

“Congratulations! You have made a sale.” Those are words you want to hear when you are involved in any type of business that involves products or sales of services.You can start your online business with internet marketing. Marketing research applied to the internet will pay great dividends on your behalf.

Recently we considered Online Marketing: Why You Should Do Affiliate Marketing on the Internet And Four Great Tips on How to Get Started. Today, we will consider the particular type of marketing that will benefit you in your online business.

1 – What is Internet Marketing and Marketing Research?

Many people have seen the value of utilizing the value of internet businesses. Some of them can be started very simply without a lot of extra  initial investment. Computers are considered to be quite expensive by some, but many homes have them today–just like they have television sets. So, it is almost like you don’t have that kind of start-up cost because you are likely to have a computer anyway. Then, many homes also already have internet service. Therefore, the start of an online business becomes even more appealing because there is not a lot of extra initial investment required.

When you start an online business, you will do well if you perform great market research, just like you would do for a brick and mortar business.

2 – Benefits of Internet-Marketing Marketing Research

You new business will need marketing research, but it will be of a particular type, and that will be internet-marketing marketing research.; It will follow the principles of regular marketing, but it will zero in on you online business in particular.

This type of emphasis for your new business is great because you do not have to have your own product to start with. You can set your own schedule. You can start while you still have another job. You can work toward being your own boss. That is why you would want to market that type of business.

3 – How will good tools help with internet marketing and marketing research?

Your work in this area will be greatly helped if you have some good tools to help you. Some of these tools will give you statistics about how many searches are made over a certain period of time that targets keywords. Another good tool would be one that would help you keep up with how many times you mention a key word in an article that you decide to write. Too many instances of the keyword may sound unnatural, and too few instances of it may mean that people will not find your relevant article. Therefore, you will not be able to help the people you are targeting.

4. Personal thoughts on this type of marketing

I think this is one of the most interesting new businesses in which you can get involved. As you learn more and more about research techniques for internet marketing, you are likely to become fascinated by what you come across.

5 – How to find the tools you need

One of the best places to find great marketing tools is Wealthy Affiliate University. You can find out about it right here on this website. Just check out the “Make Money Training Page.”

Online Marketing: Why Should You Do Affiliate Marketing on the Internet

Online Marketing: Why You Should Do Affiliate Marketing on the Internet And Four Great Tips on How to Get Started

Have you ever wanted to get involved with online marketing? There are several opportunites for making money online. You can sell products on ebay. You can create your own digital products and sell them. However, one of the best ways to get started making money online is to get involved in affiliate marketing. Why should you do affiliate marketing on the internet?

A few years ago, I got interested in making money online. I found a really good ebook. Then, a month or two later, the creators of the ebook came up with a two-month action plan. That really helped. It served as a wonderful course for getting to know the basic terminology that is required to work online. That course emphasized the value of affiliate marketing.

Why Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you get started with your own online business quickly, easily, and with very little up-front costs involved.

Consider the advantages of affiliate marketing

  • You do not have to have your own product
  • You do not even have to have a website (although you will want one pretty quick after you get started)
  • Once you have a website, you can start building an email list
  • You can be your own boss
  • You can set your own schedule
  • You can start your marketing program with free methods of advertising
  • If you already have a computer with an internet connection, you have most of what you need to get started

How To Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Online

Would you really like to know how to get started with online marketing? If you think of the advantages, you will understand why why should you do affiliate marketing on the internet. If you do want to learn more, ask yourself a basic question before you get started. Do you have a commitment to put time into your task? It could be a lot of time, or it could be just a little bit of time. The key, however, is to consistently set aside a certain amount of time for this enterprise. In ideas such as these, successful marketers have discovered a secret!

What is that secret?

Here it is: Consistency plus effort plus persistence finally pays off. In wanting to get started with online affiliate marketing, you will find that there are four really good ideas you can put inro practice.

1. Find a Good Product

First of all, you can find a product. The best products are those that deal with topics that you know about. They also deal with topics that you are very interested in. Then, you will find a product that will pay you a decent commission. Finally, a product owner may provide you with a number of marketing tools that you can use so that you “do not have to reinvent the wheel.”

2. Sign Up As An Affiliate

Not only will find a product help you to get started with online marketing , but signing up as an affiliate will also help you to take the beginning steps of starting your own business. When you visit a website, you may see the word “affiliates” at the bottom or top of the page. If you click on that, the website will send you to a page where you can learn about signing up as an affiliate for that product.

You can also sign up as an affiliate by going to a site such as ClickBank which lists many products that you can sign up for as an affiliate. These sites will tell you how much the product sells for and what commission you would receive for referring someone to their site.

3. Get Your Special Affiliate Link

In addition to finding a prduct and signing up as an affiliate, getting your affiliate link will help you to be on your way to making money online. The affiliate link contains a special code that people will click on to go look at the product you are promoting. If the product owner makes a sale to someone who signed up through your affiliate link, you will get a commission for that sale.

4. See What Resources You Product Owner Will Provide for You

As I mentioned earlier, some product owners provide you with wonderful resources that will help you to promote their products. They may give you banner ads that you can put on your website. They may give you pre-written emails that you can send to your list (after you have one). They may provide you with ideas for articles that you could write, etc.

So, we have seen that these four actions will will all help you to get started with affiliate marketing

Warning: Just reading about getting started will not be adequate, You will also have to take action. You will have to sign up as an affiliate, but you will also need to learn effective techniques to market your business well.

Here is one of the best places to receive comprehensive training on internet marketing.

You have read four great ideas in this article, but there are a lot more out there. Don’t stop with just this little bit of information (even though it is valuable). Learn all you can about affiliate marketing on the internet.

Top Affiliate Product – 5 Tips for Picking the Best Affiliate Product for You

What will be your top affiliate product? That question assumes that you have decided to get involved in one of the best part-time opportunities on the planet–Affiliate Marketing. We even talked in an earlier post about ”Unemployment: A Great Opportunity.” We’ll talk here today a little about how to find the right affiliate product to promote.

Affiliate marketing goes two ways: you become an affiliate of a product owner, and the owner is your affiliate too. You are affiliated with each other.

Here are 5 tips for picking the best affiliate product for you.

1. Personal Interest
Promoting a product in which you are personally interested will show forth your passion for the product. That passion then will become contagious. If you have no interest whatsoever in what you are promoting, that surely will show through too. So, begin by promoting products that discuss topics in which you are highly interested. 

2. Affiliate Resources
Some affiliates will provide you with great resources like banner ads, pre-written emails, pre-written articles that you can use as guides for developing your own articles. Some may even provide you with some type of webpage template. While it is not absolutely necessary for the owner of a good product to provide you with such resources, they can be valuable timesavers for you if they are included.

3. Affiliate Sales and Payment System
You do want to make sure that you will get paid for your efforts. Check out what system your affiliate product owner uses to track sales. Also check out how ofen you will be paid, and what percentage of the sale you will receive.

4. Product Quality
You do want to have a quality product. The best option is to purchase the product yourself, and become thoroughly familiar with it. However, remember that in a retail store, you wil come across sales clerks that do not own many of the products that store has for sale. You can do something similar. Check the web for comments on the product. If you are comfortable with this being a product you would like to have, then you will be able to promote that quality product. After a product generates several sales for you, ask the owner for a free copy, or simply purchase it yourself. You can find many quality products to promote based on dependable brand names and testimonials in websites and forums.
5. Recurring Income Opportunities
Many affiliates will give you a good commission for a one-time sale of the product. However, there are also opportunities for you to promote membership sites that provide great value to your customers and provide you with ongoing commissions for as long as those you help stay members of the program.

So, those are 5 great tips for choosing the best affiliate products for you to promote. Which one will become your top affiliate product? Only you can answer that question.

Get Many More Great Affiliate Marketing Tips at Wealthy Affiliate. To check out their great program, Click Here.

Unemployment: A Great Opportunity

I just read that in September the unemployment rate for the whole U.S. was 9.2 percent.

That means nearly one out of every ten Americans is not working

To get the unemployment benefits, you are allowed to work some, but you are not allowed to make over a certain amount each week. While your time is probably spent by making resume’s, sending out letters of recommendation, goint to job interviews, and researching new job opportunties, you may still be able to find time to get started with internet marketing.

One of the things you can do while drawing your unemployment checks is to learn how to build a website, and to learn how to do affiliate marketing. You may find that you start making some money online while you learn.

Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

I guess we would all be concerned with easy ways to make money fast on our website or blog.

One of the ways to do this is to set up your own website or blog. When you have your own website, you get to follow your own rules. Some article directories make it difficult to link to the sales page of your affiliate product. However, on your own blog, you can put in as many links as you like. You can put those links right in the first paragraphs of your article. Check out this post, to learn more about this topic. Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to get started with an online business because to get started as an affiliate marketer requires very little investment (other than a computer and internet connection.)

While there may be a learning curve with getting set up as an affiliate, it is still one of the fastest ways to begin if you wish to make money online.

How to Set Up an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are some of the best partnership programs in business today. They don’t not have the pitfalls of traditional partnerships because each member (the merchant or the affiliate) owns his or her own business. They join together to make each other successful, but they are not bound to continue the relationship. It is just a “win-win” situation. Both parties benefit.

Setting up an Affiliate Program Can be Viewed as Going Two Different Directions

If you are setting up an affiliate program, you are either a merchant looking for someone to help promote your product, or you are a marketer looking to promote someone else’s product.

We will look at the more advanced program first: that of you being the merchant. If that does not interest you, scroll down to learn about tips for being an affiliate going the other direction.

Setting up a Program as a Merchant

When you set up an affiliate program as a merchant, you are looking for other people to promote your product.

What is involved in doing this?

1. You must have a product.

Duhh . . . , If you want someone to promote your product, you do have to have a product.

Some great training on how to develop an ebook and offer it for sale can be found at the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center. This resource by PotPieGirl can help you get started relatively quickly and easiliy. Of course, it is mainly designed for you to build and sell your own product. However, once you have a product, then you can consider offering it for affiliates to promote for you.

2. Decide How You Want to Pay Commissions

Will you pay for cicks? You will pay out so much to an affiliate who get someone to click on your product.

Will you pay for leads? In other words you pay your affiliate so much for every lead he or she sends to you.

Will you pay per sale? You pay a commission on every sale that is generated by one of your affiliates.

Probsbly the pay-per-sale is the option with which we are most familiar. You should pay at least 20 or 30 percent per sale. Many merchants pay much more–up to 75% of the sale price.

The higher commission you offer, the more affiliates you will attract to promote your product.

3. Find a Network with Which You Want to Work.

A network can help with many things like tracking sales and helping you pay the commissions to your affiliates. Clickbank,, and ShareASale Affiliate Network are some popular ones. There are many others. A list of those options can be found at Clickbank is very poplular because of its ease of use.

If you have something other than a digital product (like an ebook), you will have to explore options beyond Clickbank and those that specialize only in digital products.

When looking for a netwok, be sure to check out how much that option will cost you. Some of them can be quite expensive. Others are quite affordable.

4. Decide How Great a Commission to Offer

As we said earlier, you will probably attract more affiliates to help you if you offer a very good commission.

5. Provide Your Affiliates with Tools to Make Them Successful

You might want to provide bonus products. You could provide them with graphics or banners that they could put on their websites.

You could provide them with articles that you have already written that they could use in their ezines, etc.  Then you could include their affiliate link in your resource box for those articles. 

These are some things to consider when you want to become a merchant. As I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate provides some excellent training that can get you in a position to become a merchant.

So, we looked at setting up an affiliate program with you as the merchant. Now, we will look at setting up a program with you as the affiliate who will promote another person’s product

The Other Direction–You as an Affiliate for Someone Else

This is usually a very exciting prospect for people who are new at internet maketing. You can start making money quickly without having your own product. You do not have to provide support for the product that is sold. There are many other advantages too.

Actually, it is great because all you have to do is match up someone who wants to buy something with someone who has a product that will really help the person who wants to buy.

Here are the basic steps for setting up an affiliate program going this direction (the direction of you being an affiliate for someone else.)

1. Find Your Affiliate

(Your affiliate is the merchant, and the merchant’s affiliate is you!) As mentioned above, many networks like Clickbank, Pay Dot Com, or Share A Sale will have multiple products for which you can be an affiliate.

Part of your decision-making for finding an affiliate will be as to whether you want to be paid when someone clicks on an ad, whether you want to be paid for providing your merhand a lead, or whether you want to be paid a commission on the sale price.

Usually, at least in the beginning of affiliate marketing, you will pick a product for which you will be paid a commission on the sale. Again, some products pay better commissions than others. That is not your only consideration, however. You want to promote products that really provide good value to your potential customers. The best of both worlds is to find a great product that offers a great commission (anywhere from 50 to 75%).

2. Get Your Affiliate Link

This is the most important part of this process in some ways. You will not get paid unless there is a way for your merchant to know it was you who referred the customer to his product. Your unique affiliate link is his or her way of doing that tracking.

When someone clicks on your link, goes to your website, then goes to the merchant’s sales and orders a product, you will get a commision–provided they clicked through your affiliate link. (Later, you will learn about link cloakers. You still have to have your own affiliate link to have a link cloaker.) Wealthy Affiliate has such a link cloaker called “My Linker.” Many others, such as “viral url” and so forth, are available too.

Be sure to get your affiliate link, or none of the rest of this will matter!

3, Send Traffic to Your Affiliate

You will want to drive traffic to your merchant’s sales page in hopes that those you refer will invest in those wonderful products.

You can use free or paid methods to do this. Paid methods, such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC) drive good targeted traffic to your website that you can then refer to your merchant (or you can use “direct linking” to send the traffic directly to the merchant’s sales page, bypassing your own website. Most marketers, after they get started, do want to have their own websites because there are so many things you can do with your own website. Your own website can enhance the possibility of your prospect investing in themselves through procuring your merchant’s product.) Other paid methods are available too, but we won’t go into them right now.

Free methods of advertising make affiliate marketing attractive. One free method is called article marketing. You write articles that give good information on a topic related to the product you are promoting, and then you place a link in the “resourc box” or “bio box” that causes the reader to go to your website or your merchant’s site. (Some article directories do not allow “direct linking,” but there is a way around that if you are willing to invest in a domain name.)

Wealthy Affiliate provides hundreds of training resources that will help you learn how to an excellent job of utilizing both free and paid methods of advertising for your affiliate products. (You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review on another page on this website.)

These are some of the basics of setting up an affiliate program–either as a merchant or as an affiliate marketer.

I wish you well as you continue on your marketing journey!

Make Money with WordPress

Making Money with Word Press Is a Great Opportunity

Having a website is one of the best things you can invest in if you are serious about internet marketing. It is possible to make money online through direct linking if you are an affiliate. (Direct linking means that you put a link in your article or ad that takes someone who clicks on it directly to the sales page that was created by the owner of the product for which you are an affiliate.)

The problem with direct linking is that you are not able to do it with some of the more poplular article directories like  You can get around that by buying your own domain, and then having traffic that reaches it redirected to your product for which you are an affiliate marketer. (Anytime you do direct linking, make sure you use your affiliate link, so you will credit for the sale of the product.) A beter option, though is to direct traffic to your own website.

WordPress performs a wonderful service by giving you website building tools that can have you looking like a professional in a very short time. WordPress sites can have static pages, which are what we think of as being traditional website pages. Those sites can also have blog pages. So, WordPress sites are actually combinations of websites and blogs! 

By making simple changes in the control panel, WordPress can be setup as either:

  • A standard blog
  • A standard website
  • A website plus a blog
Here Are Some Ways I can Help

First of all, just go to and take a look. You may see a page that looks something like this


The main thing to keep in mind, however, is that you want to go to not will help you build a blog, but you do not have as much control over what you put on that site as one that you can build at

See, I have helped you already–by getting you to the right site. The next way I can help is by telling you about tools I like to use.

Tools I like to Use

Even the site you are looking at now is built on the WordPress platform. While you can go to and begin clicking around and have some measure of success at learning the platform, it is really helpful to have someone guide you along. I like the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate. They even have a special section in their member’s site that is especially for building WordPress sites. It is called WordPress Express, and it gets you started with several options already set up for you. Then, they have several other no-cost options for receiving training into how to set up these sites.

I have been able to set up three websites in a matter of weeks using the materials, training and software that Wealthy Affiliate provides. Included in your investment in yourself when you join WA is website hosting for an unlimited number of sites that you might want to build. This is a wonderful value if you see yourself building 10 or more websites during the course of your marketing career. (Hint: building these sites is sort of addictive–in a good way–and you probably will want to do that in the future.)

Click here to become an expert at building websites using WordPress Express at

Making Money with WordPress

We have talked about the importance of having a website, and we talked about the importance of that website being a WordPress website. (Remember to use not Then we talked about the tools that Wealthy Affiliate has to help with this process. (Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.)

You can make money with WordPress because your website and/or blog is your window of opportunity to countless ways of making money. You can put up a pre-sales page for the product you are promoting as an affiliate. You can develop your own product and offer it for sale on your website. You can put adsense ads on your website. If someone clicks on an adsense ad, you will receive a commission. You can set your site up as a membership site, and charge a monthly fee for those who will join. You can begin building an email list using your site. Then you can offer products to the people on your email list over and over again. The possibilities are almost endless.

Check out another example website and blog at (While you are there–if you would like–you can get a free course on internet marketing.)