Make Money with WordPress

Making Money with Word Press Is a Great Opportunity

Having a website is one of the best things you can invest in if you are serious about internet marketing. It is possible to make money online through direct linking if you are an affiliate. (Direct linking means that you put a link in your article or ad that takes someone who clicks on it directly to the sales page that was created by the owner of the product for which you are an affiliate.)

The problem with direct linking is that you are not able to do it with some of the more poplular article directories like  You can get around that by buying your own domain, and then having traffic that reaches it redirected to your product for which you are an affiliate marketer. (Anytime you do direct linking, make sure you use your affiliate link, so you will credit for the sale of the product.) A beter option, though is to direct traffic to your own website.

WordPress performs a wonderful service by giving you website building tools that can have you looking like a professional in a very short time. WordPress sites can have static pages, which are what we think of as being traditional website pages. Those sites can also have blog pages. So, WordPress sites are actually combinations of websites and blogs! 

By making simple changes in the control panel, WordPress can be setup as either:

  • A standard blog
  • A standard website
  • A website plus a blog
Here Are Some Ways I can Help

First of all, just go to and take a look. You may see a page that looks something like this


The main thing to keep in mind, however, is that you want to go to not will help you build a blog, but you do not have as much control over what you put on that site as one that you can build at

See, I have helped you already–by getting you to the right site. The next way I can help is by telling you about tools I like to use.

Tools I like to Use

Even the site you are looking at now is built on the WordPress platform. While you can go to and begin clicking around and have some measure of success at learning the platform, it is really helpful to have someone guide you along. I like the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate. They even have a special section in their member’s site that is especially for building WordPress sites. It is called WordPress Express, and it gets you started with several options already set up for you. Then, they have several other no-cost options for receiving training into how to set up these sites.

I have been able to set up three websites in a matter of weeks using the materials, training and software that Wealthy Affiliate provides. Included in your investment in yourself when you join WA is website hosting for an unlimited number of sites that you might want to build. This is a wonderful value if you see yourself building 10 or more websites during the course of your marketing career. (Hint: building these sites is sort of addictive–in a good way–and you probably will want to do that in the future.)

Click here to become an expert at building websites using WordPress Express at

Making Money with WordPress

We have talked about the importance of having a website, and we talked about the importance of that website being a WordPress website. (Remember to use not Then we talked about the tools that Wealthy Affiliate has to help with this process. (Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.)

You can make money with WordPress because your website and/or blog is your window of opportunity to countless ways of making money. You can put up a pre-sales page for the product you are promoting as an affiliate. You can develop your own product and offer it for sale on your website. You can put adsense ads on your website. If someone clicks on an adsense ad, you will receive a commission. You can set your site up as a membership site, and charge a monthly fee for those who will join. You can begin building an email list using your site. Then you can offer products to the people on your email list over and over again. The possibilities are almost endless.

Check out another example website and blog at (While you are there–if you would like–you can get a free course on internet marketing.)

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