Marketing Your Book – Wendy Keller

Wendy Keller is a great literary agent who gives ideas for publishing and marketing your book through public speaking. She really wants to help people reach traditional publishers through good literary agents.

This site, up to this point, has focused upon internet marketing of digital products; however, many entrepreneurs also use the internet to market their physical products, such as books, CDs, etc.

Here is a copy of a book that I have written, and I make it available for people to invest in at my speaking events.

The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss

I just read an article of hers called “How to Write a Compelling Query Letter”

If you are interested in getting a book published through a traditional publisher, this article has some great information: In particular, she gives you advice on how to start your query letter when you are trying to secure an agent who will represent you to a traditional publisher: who your market is and the size of the market are very important. Also, she suggests letting publishers know about your existing platform. That sugestion makes much of the information on this website relevant to preparing to be able to write a good query letter.

When I first got into writing and speaking, I found much of her material to be extremely valuable.

If this is the type of marketing you are interested in, I would encourage you to go check out her website at

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