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A Training Center: One of Your Most Valuable Internet Marketing Tools

The Importance of a Good Training Center

When you learn something new, good training is important. If you want to learn how to shoot a basketball correctly, you want to learn the proper form because proper form will increase your ability to make baskets.

It is the same with internet marketing. You want good training–training from people who have “been there and done that.” However, you want it from people who have “done that” successfully. You also want it from people who can communicate what they have done.

The best training will come from a wide variety of sources. Training on the same topic from different points of view is also helpful.

Good training will help you to have quality presentations online, and it will help you to increase the nember of clicks your pages get, and, in turn, that will help you to increase your number of sales.

Some Examples of Good Training

An example I could give you of some good training for writing articles would be to use “the motivated sequence.”

What is the motivated sequence: It is simply this


Start with something that gets attention. Then emphasize what the need is. This often will serve to help you formulate the introduction to an article, blog post, or webpage.

The satisfaction portion is where you show the solution. It is often where the major points or major ideas for the article will be presented

Visualization is where you show what the benefits would be if this advice were followed.

Action is where you ask your reader to do something. In an article, it would be where you would ask your reader to click on a link. In a blog or on a webpage, you might ask your reader to click on a link that would take them to an order page.

Visualization and Action often form the components of the traditional conclusion of an article.

That is an example of the type of training you can get at WA. Some of the pieces of advice are short like that, made up of only one page; however, many other training resources will take you through several downloadable pages.

Some of the training materials are complete ebooks. Some of them are videos. There actually over 400 training items, and more and more are added from time to time. Sometimes Kyle and Carson give their members entire courses at no additional costs.

What I Use for a Training Center

As I have already mentioned, the resources at Wealthy Affiliate really provide all you need to get started with internet marketing. They also help you to expand in more and more advanced techniques too.

Click here to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center, or go here to read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Remember the Importance of Comprehensive Training

Again, truly to excel at internet marketing, you will have to receive good training. Please make sure that your training center is filled with comprehensive training.

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