Wealthy Affiliate – New Look

Well, you could probably say this every three or four months. That is not a slam to Wealthy Affiliate. Actually it is a compliment.

The reason why they have a new look periodically is because they constantly update their website and their services.

One advantage of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate if you are on a marketing journey is that they provide web hosting as part of the membership. If you decide to make many new websites, as many marketers do, this can more than pay for itself within a short period of time.

They give you tips on writing articles if that is the direction you want to go with their marketing.

They also have started a great article directory called Street Articles (.com). If you are into getting articles published on the internet (as most of us should be), go check it out by going to this link, and clicking around until you come to the info about Street Articles.

So, if it has been a while since you considered a Wealthy Affiliate membership, go take another look here.

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