Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For You?

I have set up this page to give you my personal review  of Wealthy Affiliate. Since I am an active member of WA, I thought, “who better than myself  to review the program?”

In my honest opinion, I think Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best things going in the internet marketing world, mostly because of the training they offer online. I going to give you my reasons why I think this is so. Then I will let you draw your own conclusions.

I am going to break these thoughts down into…

“Reasons Why YOU Can’t Live Without WA…”

Reason #1: The Community.

Have you ever felt lost or bewildered as you tried to navigate the internet marketing frontier? If so, that was probably because you did not know who to turn to for help. When you did not know what that particular sentence really meant, you did not have anyone to help you clarify things. Maybe you had an idea, but you did not know who to bounce it off of. Those kinds of things do no have to happen at Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, the owners themselves (Kyle & Carson) are available for support ANYTIME, which is awesome. Several highly advanced people are also willing to share their expertise, but that is not all. In addition to this, you can communicate with beginners who identify with you, and you can get a lot of help from intermediate and advanced marketers who are all willing to help for free in the forum area. You have the ability to connect and communicate with thousands of other aspiring and successful Internet marketers. They even have a section called, “WA Spaces.” Here is a picture of what my profile page looks like:

My WA Spaces Page

Yes, that is right. You can communicate directly with people who are having the same problems as you. These are people who have solved these types of problems already, and theywant to help you. You can get help from these people who started just like you. You also have access to help from many very successful online marketers, some of which net over $1 Million every year. That mentorship alone is worth 10 times the price of admission in my opinion!

Reason #2: The training.

Wealthy affiliate has over 400 training tutorials. Some of them are videos. Some are pdf files, and some are complete ebooks. There are many downlaodable guides, and more are being added almost every day. Wealthy Affiliate offers online business training like no other. If you are an absolute beginner, or if you are an expert looking to expand your knowledge base and network, Wealthy Affiliate’s robust training will help you take your business to the next level.

Currently there are 9 separate training categories within Wealthy Affiliate. These include:

  • Article Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Research
  • Website Development
  • Web hosting
  • WA System & Tools
  • Miscellaneous
  • And NEW sections coming soon…

Each category contains it’s own set of specific resources, including a section-specific “getting started” guide which walks you through the entire process. If you are an absolute newbie, this will get you up and running very quickly. I have gone through every Getting Started section within WA, and they all provide excellent training!

One thing that I really think is cool about their training is that members create resources, and each memeber can become an EXPERT within WA. There are many experts that contribute regularly within WA…adding new videos, tutorials, and guides for other members to download. To be honest with you the training within WA is more than most 4 year Universities would offer. Every single training resource is included with your membership. This is really awesome!

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Reason #3: The tools.

What you are used to paying for is offered within Wealthy Affiliate for free:  A free keyword tool, free website hosting, free website builder, free Niche Reports, free article creator, free link, affiliate program research tool, tracking/masking….It goes on and on. I will say this more than once. WA will exceed your expectations. The community is quite giving, and when the owners (Kyle and Carson) create something new, they offer to the members inside WA for free.

I have bought keyword and research tools in the past, but the ones at Wealthy Affiliate are just as good if not better than anything that I have invested money in, and they have just updated it with input from the members inside WA as to what they would want in such a tool.

Wealthy Affilaite Tools

Reason 4: Real people, real success.

At Wealthy Affiliate you are surrounded by real people. They come from all walks of life, but you are surrounded by realy people who have attaind real success.

Well, those are many of the reasons why I like Wealthy Affiliate. If I am not succeeding or being taught by people who are succeeding, I will not recommend a product. It has to be one that adds real value to a person’s life.

It is as simple as that. At Wealthy Affiliate you have the foundation to be as successful as you want.

The cool part is that I am not even close to being the most successful member at Wealthy Affiliate. There are guys and gals within the community that make much more than I do ($1 MILLION+ per year) that started at WA with no other training. There are also many people earning $20, $50, $100+ per day with the training.

If I can achieve success with something, so can you. I am just a regular person that was willing to work towards something…and with the help of WA and a little elbow grease I did it.

Success at WA!

I want to leave you today with a special incentive if you do decide to join.

If you choose to JOIN the Wealthy Affiliate community today, you can get an awesome BONUS (that people typically have to pay for). You can get a free e-book when you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate through one of my special links below.

Option 1: Get “Beating Adwords” for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate Here!

Option 2: Get “Inside the List” for free with Wealthy Affiliate Here!

Option 3: Get “Who Loves Money” for free with Wealthy Affiliate Here!

Randy Carney

PS. Thanks for taking the time to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review!

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